Another week is nearly over.  Easter was quiet, then busy, then quiet again. We had Matt’s famliy down for Easter Sunday and we did some socialising with neighbours on the other days.

Jane and I organised a little easter egg hunt for the ‘big’ kids and so we spent the rest of the day rationing out chocolate.

There hasn’t been a great deal else going on this week. Lincoln is unsettled alot at the moment. Preferring to be held/carried around/rocked to sleep in the rocking chair. Even his daycare ladies mentioned he was out of character the last couple of days. I hope it sorts itself out soon as I’m not getting much done through the day at the moment.


Some time during my commute yesterday both the tripometer and the odometer displayed all 2s. Not simultaneously, unfortunately (that would have been much cooler!), but only within 30kms of each other. I only wish I’d seen it as it happened. I like number symmetry so I would’ve taken a photo. Easily impressed.

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