Artful Dodger

I just can’t handle how quickly my little baby is growing. He’s been pulling himself up to stand in the past couple of weeks. The coffee table, the bath, chairs, boxes. Nothing is safe. He’ll pull off onto the floor whatever he can reach on the surface. It’s already March and he’ll be one before I know it. Sometimes my heart bursts with how the boys interact with each other. I catch them holding hands across the back seat of the car on the way somewhere. SO cute.





Last weekend was my art workshop. Flowers in Oils. Matt was away in Sydney so S,J and the girls came and spent Friday night and Saturday with us to take care of the boys. And my parents came Saturday night to takeover on Sunday. Fraser had an excellent time with all his playmates.  It was quite a busy weekend at Casa de muser. I’m pleased to say though, I came out of the art workshop with something good enough to hang.



They’re geraniums in case you can’t tell. Many comments from the other students, and the teacher, on how lovely and subtle it is. One other student even said it moved her. She clutched at her heart as she said it. I’m sure I was visibly surprised, and quietly chuffed. Anway, I enjoyed it and would like to do more. Not necessarily oils, just anything to excercise the lesser-used creative half of my brain.


More non-mothering fun lined up for this weekend. Out to dinner with a girlfriend this friday night, and I’ve booked a half-hour personal training session for Saturday. Good lord, what was I thinking?

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