Call the elephants

Poor little Lincoln has a chest infection at the moment. I took him to the doctors on Monday after a particularly crappy night where I ended up rocking with him in the LaZboy while watching an episode of Medium at 2am. *boggle*  SO he’s on antibiotics and has to go back today for a checkup. The wheezing is still there, and the cough, but last night he slept all the way through from 7pm to 5am with only a couple of dummy re-inserts. Major improvement. So much for breastfeeding guarding against illness. Lincoln has been the sickest out of both kids! Anyway, while we were at the doctor’s he was weighed and given the appropriate dose of panadol to bring down his temp. That datapoint – 9.3kg.  He’ll be 9months on Friday.

Speaking of things medical – I spent a little bit of time on Monday explaining to Fraser what an ’emergency’ and that we need to dial ‘000’ when we have one going on. I explained that the person on the phone will ask whether you need police, fire, or ambulance. I made him repeat our address back to me, and tell me his name, and told him that he must stay on the phone until the ambulance arrives. After I’d finished I asked him “what do we do when we have an emergency?” He said “call the elephants”.


  1. I worry about the whole ‘000’ thing too, and ’emergencies’ and whatnot.

    The boy knows the speeddial for his Daddy, but i’m a bit reluctant to teach him ‘000’, in case he calls them for a chinwag ?!?!?

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