Culture Vultures

The Wiggles have been doing a regional tour of NSW this week and Goulburn was lucky enough to get a visit on Monday. Half of Goulburn and surrounds were there at the concert. I think I was more impressed than Fraser that it was the genuine Wiggles with Captain Feathersword. He didn’t move much. I barely got a hot potato out of him but he seemed to enjoy it and has continued to sing songs from, and talk about, the concert.

I wish I had a decent picture to prove it but I was wrangling Lincoln so unable to traipse up the stairs to the walkway where I could have snapped a few good pics.

NOte to self: Black pants with a stripe down the side enhance one’s height.

More exciting musical news where I’m concerned, though. You may remember my dismay at missing Kristin Hersh when she toured here last. Well I’ve found on her website that you can buy her time to record ten of her songs, of your choice, in the order you specify, live to tape. It comes with her introducing the recording for you, and handwritten on the disc itself by Kristin. WIth 4-6 weeks lead time it should arrive just in time for my birthday. Now I’m just figuring out which ten songs.

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