Busy Hands

I have been one crafty chick of late. I stopped procrastinating and finished the second cushion cover that made to coordinate with the new bedroom makeover.


They’re not perfect – a bit measured by eye, but I’m tres impressed with my efforts. Along with a little bit of sewing, I’ve been doing a little bit of painting.


I painted this Ikea step in green enamel and rubbed back for a bit of a rustic look. I left the final coat a bit long so the paint cured a little more than I intended before I got to rub it back.  However, it was really just a test piece before I attack the old pine dresser in the kitchen in the same manner.

I’m on a mission to keep my hands busy. Breastfeeding and my metabolism are no longer working together to keep me sub 60kg. So, a-snacking I may no longer go. I wouldn’t mind so much if it were an all-over, proportional weight gain, but it’s filling out the mummy tummy where Lincoln once was!

Along with busy hands and no snacking is a new ab-busting regime of 50 situps every time Lincoln goes to bed. So that’s 3 sets on a normal day. I don’t know if it’ll do anything but it’s worth a try.

My next busy hands mission is making PJ pants and matching t-shirts with old flanelette wraps.


  1. Hey Aprill. You are a busy bee aren’t you?! I’m pretty impressed with that Ikea step you did. Would you mind sharing what you did and what kind of paint/enamel you used? I would LOVE to use this technique on some furniture of ours.

  2. Yes, it did turn out quite well. I just gave the whole step a bit of a light sand, then one coat of all-purpose undercoat. Let that dry. A coat of Dulux ‘Tendril’ gloss enamel. The trick is not to let it dry too much before the second coat. Get to it while the paint is still soft enough to sand off. I sanded back on the corners and edges, then scuffed it up a bit on the stepping parts.

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