Lunch date

We have a social weekend this week. A 40th birthday today in town at a pizza+bar restaurant, and meeting in Berrima tomorrow to catch up with the ILs.I was looking forward to today’s lunch as I’ve admired the look of the restaurant from the outside but I also a little concerned how we might go with having a baby there. It looked like quite an intimate venue. How wrong was I? It was like the tardis! It opened out at the back to a beautiful courtyard.Lincoln held up like a real trooper. Lucky I’d put him down for a quick nap before we left. As long as there was food on offer he was happy to sit there an keep gumming away at it. He had some leftover vege pikelets from last night’s dinner, followed by our donated or discarded pizza crusts. He had a lovely time.  


When he started getting tired and restless I breastfed him and he fell asleep. Fraser was pretty well behaved too, making for a lovely time out amongst neighbours and friends.

In other news, I’ve booked myself into a weekend art workshop early next month. Totally looking forward to it. I know I’ve got a bit of latent talent (not to blow my horn and all that) but I truly lack the motivation and inspiration to start art projects on my own. I much prefer the class environment. So I hope I come out with something I can put up on the wall.

In the meantime I’m waiting by the interwebs for my blogging pal to have her baby. Hurry up already, girl! ;)


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  1. I love that pic of Lincoln – it’s like ‘don’t mess with my pizza crust, man !’

    Baby is up for eviction soon .. s/he don’t have much time left before i’m up for the oust ! Ouch !

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