Happy 4th Birthday Magic Bean

Back in the day we used to refer to Fraser as the magic bean. Well four years later he is now… well.. 4.

On Sunday he had a party at an indoor play centre. He and 10 other kids had a ball working up a sweat running around – jumping on the jumping castle, climbing the wall, foosball, slides.

About half way through we had the cake – a golf cake, complete with bunkers, a green, tee and practice ball, and a handmade flag. We ended up with one spare cake so it’s going to daycare tomorrow for even more birthday cheer.

This morning we gave him the requested cricket set, along with a couple of other bits and pieces. I let him spend the afternoon watching DVDs and playing Wii, and he got a ride in the Wiggles car when we went shopping after his swimming lesson.

At 4 years old his confidence is slowly growing. He’s left handed though he doesn’t like to spend much time drawing or colouring. He loves using the kids websites on my computer, Wii golf, and of course, the TV. He’s become interested in playing sport (that must skip a generation), and cracks me up with some of the things he says. He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to friends. Excitement at seeing them and absolute devastation when it’s time for them, or us, to leave. He still possesses a huge sense of humour and is very affectionate with his people.
He says ‘no’ alot these days, is shy with new people (usually), is shy with familiar people for the first hour or so, is a creature of habit and routine, is a picky eater, but he also loves to ‘help’.

Happy BIrthday Crazy Frasey!


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