Light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m slowly clawing back my 9month long slept debt. We’ve turned a corner on the night waking and most nights have vastly improved on what I’d been dealing with before. I decided to feed at the first wakeup, if the dummy didn’t resolve it, and then resettle until at least 5am. I got results the first night. Since then, we’ve had a couple of occasions where Lincoln has even slept right through until 4am, had a feed and nappy change, and then gone back to sleep til 7am.He’s been on the move for the past week and a bit. Crawling in a half commando, half caterpillar action. He can sit from crawling now, so I’ve lowered his cot base. He eats like a horse and hasn’t turned anything down yet. The daycare ladies love him and apparently he’s a very easy baby that is quite happy to move around the room, sit and play, and goes down for naps with minimal fuss. We were in Sydney for the long weekend. We did a fair bit of visiting and Lincoln put up with being dragged around here and there very nicely. The boys, and us, had a terrific time at a picnic we organised to meet up with our mothers group friends.  Fraser has been displaying quite a bit of sporting prowess which is weird considering who his parents are. The kids played football, went on a bushwalk, played golf and cricket.  Consequently, a cricket set has been requested for a birthday gift.  Speaking of golf and birthday gifts, my parents gave Fraser a genuine set of cut-down lefty golf clubs. They’ll be away for his party and actual birthday so he got them in advance. They came in their own golf bag with a supply of second hand balls, tees, and practice balls.

lefty golf

 We have a bit of style correction to do as he’s had a right-handed toy set for quite a while and he’s learned to adapt but I don’t think it will be too hard to get that natural left handed wiring reconnected.Playgroup went back today after the school holidays. Even though we were busy during the break I missed the camaraderie of my playgroup peers. So we moved on to another mum’s house afterwards to continue the chatter for the rest of the afternoon. We’re all together again tomorrow at a first birthday party and then a couple of them are coming to Fraser’s party on Sunday. It’s busy busy busy this weekend. I have cakes to decorate, cushion covers to finish sewing and Lincoln’s blind to put up.


  1. Gotta love kids that carers love.
    There’s so many they’d rather hog-tie in the corner…

    And go Fraser ! How sweet for your parents to get some real clubs .. my boy has some too and they are the best – just make sure he only hits the practice ‘plastic’ balls with them :p

  2. Hey Aprill,

    Are you Muser on EB? If you are, you were quoted on their ad in the Nappy Bag Book. Its on page 453.

  3. o0o0. Yes I think I’ve seen that ad. It’s probably the one they put in Cosmo pregnancy a while back. They asked permission for that one. :)

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