I’ve invented a new word – as is the title. It gives a particular label to those thoughts I have while commuting to and from places. I get a lot of time to commuse with the one hour round-trip to town.So the biggest news on the interwebs at the moment is the passing of Heath Ledger. I was shocked when I heard it on the radio coming home from shopping yesterday. I’ve always considered Australian born celebrities to appear so much more grounded than their American counterparts. I suppose I was shocked because he was so young, but also because of the rumoured overdose. He just didn’t seem like that sort of guy. And so I’m glad to hear autopsy reports are inconclusive.  My thoughts turned to cows shortly after. As is the wont of my fickle mind. I passed a herd standing around a dam. Near the dam is a mound of dirt. One cow was standing on it as if it was some sort of pulpit. A bovine meeting?And this morning on my way to dropping the boys off to ‘school’, I had this fleeting feeling that all was right with the world. The countryside was beautiful, the sun is out and I was enjoying my drive into town. It was only fleeting because my brain stopped to analyse. Don’t do that! Just enjoy.


  1. Good word !!

    That’s how my brain works too – ooh, shiny thing ! … and then i’m contemplating God … then shoes … then whether I turned off the iron … ooh, shiny thing !

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