Requiem for a rooster

We lost Rocky during the week. :(It seems he was taken by a fox as I’d seen him the previous morning but not that afternoon. Matt went out to walk around the yard and found some evidence near the perimeter of the fence. We’ve heard from a  neighbour that there have been other recent chook attacks during the day. I was quite fond of Rocky so we were a bit upset. Fraser doesn’t really understand or perhaps wasn’t attached to Rocky at all to care that he’s not around anymore. So our next house challenge is to build the chook run, and improve the nesting facilities of the existing chook house so we can repopulate.



=== I’m loaded up with my bits and pieces from Spotlight. I went down yesterday and found some co-ordinating twill fabric, some braid, cushion inserts, as well as mulberry coloured curtain tiebacks, and a roller blind for Lincoln’s room. Once I have some sun outdoors I will wash and pre-shrink the fabric and braid so I can get started.While I’m on my redecorating bender I popped into Bunnings and finally bought the paint to redo the old pine dresser in the kitchen that used to belong to Matt’s parents. I’m looking for some attractive wallpaper to go on the back (not the actual back, but the back you see from the front, if you know what I mean) but not having much luck. I only need about 2 metres of it.This is the year of Getting Stuff Done. 


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