Happy New Year 2008!

I took a little hiatus from blogging over the christmas/new year break so I’ve a bit to catch up on.Firstly, I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas. We had a pleasant time with extended family and the kids had a ball playing with cousins and being showered with gifts.We don’t spend much on ourselves or each other through the year so we go a bit bananas at Christmas time. We had some Bunnings dollars from Matt’s birthday and with a bit of an advance on our Christmas present from his parents we picked up a new outdoor setting for the patio. The bench seats pack away nicely under the table leaving plenty of room for riding bikes and playing golf.

outdoor table

 Christmas eve was very typical in this household. Last minute wrapping, construction of toys, sprinkling ‘magic oats’ out for the reindeer so they’d find our house. This pair of happy little elves were busily building the trampoline as soon as Fraser had gone to sleep. It was a comical sight. Matt wrestling with springs in wrong holes, and us attaching the net from atop the trampoline. Nonetheless, it was done in around and hour or so.On Christmas morning we herded Lincoln and Fraser out to the loungeroom to unwrap the goodies under the tree. Lots of pirate themed items, some books and crafty stuff. Then we went to see if the oats were still there. ‘Lo and behold there was a big trampoline right next to where the oats were. Fraser was very excited and got on board for a jump straight away. We’re enjoying the trampoline, too. ;)

 Christmas collage

 We made our annual pilgrimage to Canberra to do our ‘large item’ shopping after boxing day. This time it was for a trailer and a table tennis table that Matt wanted for Christmas. In return, I get my Ikea pilgrimage tomorrow! 


table tennis table


Our New Year was fairly sedate. Most of the neighbours were away so we didn’t have our usual street party at someone’s house. So we ended up having our next door neighbours for dinner along with the ILs who stayed for a couple of days  to help me paint our bedroom. Tired of the all white scheme, I’ve gone for an iced Coffee/Wonderberry combo. The result of which, you will have to wait to see as I simply must get a new doona cover first. Anyway, I’m tres pleased with how it looks and I’ll keep an eye out tomorrow when we go Ikea-ing.

 No new news in Lincoln’s world just yet. The nights are better than they were, so I’m claiming back some sleep debt at last. I intend to go to the clinic next week and get him weighed and measured etc before he starts at daycare on Wednesday. 

Fraser is such a big little boy now, if that makes sense. He loves playing with ‘Linky’ and often enquires after him when he’s been napping for a while. Fraser enjoyed having his grandma and grandpa here for a few days. I think “will you play golf with me?” is burned onto their brains. His imagination is really starting to break free but I can’t get him interested in drawing or colouring much. Maybe this year with school readiness being the focus of daycare I might be able to coax some out of him.

 We’re off to a neighbourhood birthday party tonight so I’ve made bocconcini, tomato, and baby spinach skewers. Better go drizzle some olive oil and s&p on them before we go. 

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