Brought to you by the letter ‘why?’

It’s a time of developmental milestones. Since last Thursday Fraser has asked me ‘why?’ several times a day. Lincoln is sitting unassisted for quite a while now before he topples, and today he was rocking on the hands and knees. Crawling must be close. He’s doing alot of talking ‘errrrrr’, ‘arrr’ and is quite fascinated with his fingers – opening and closing his hand.Something else of note is that Fraser has started having night terrors in the last couple of months. He wakes at some random time through the night and cries loudly. He’s inconsolable and won’t respond to anything we say. Eyes are open and he’s shaking. Often the crying is so loud that Lincoln wakes up so I’ve got two to settle down. It’s quite bizarre but apparently the thing to do when you’re around 4 years old.

Our Christmas festivities have begun. Parties, parties, parties. Yesterday, I had two parties on, one right after the other. The first was at the home of one of Fraser’s daycare friends. The second was my work Christmas dinner. So i dressed Lincoln for bed at the first party, fed him, then left Matt to take the boys home while I went on to my work function. Matt went well with Lincoln. Just a couple of dummy resets, and I was home by midnight anyway. Quite successful.

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