Hasty Hazel

Call me Hasty Hazel, but I introduced ‘solids’ to Lincoln yesterday. Yes, I know I had no intention of doing it until we got back from holidays; Yes, I know he’s only 5 months and not the recommended 6 months; but I had him weighed yesterday and he’s only put on 300grams in about a month. The nurse agreed that there was no harm in starting rice cereal as it’s easy to take away with us and no big deal if we miss a serving here or there.

So I made up a couple of teaspoons of it and tried it out before Lincoln’s afternoon nap. He took to it very happily, kept opening his mouth for the spoon. I guess that’s my answer. Today I doubled the serve and he grabbed the spoon to try shovelling it in by himself. I can’t deny it’s exciting to reach this milestone but I won’t be experimenting with food until we get back.

I think it may be impacting positively on his sleep overnight but it’s hard to tell just yet as he’s still sporting a barking cough.

Lincoln 5 months

Happy 5 months!

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  1. I started rice cereal at 5 months with both girls bcoz you only start with one teaspoon and build it as the weeks go, only 4 weeks til they’re 6 months anyway so, don’t worry Hazel!
    Cute pic too!

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