Completed and Christened

The builders didn’t take long to finish the patio. They arrived on a Thursday, finished the main structure on Monday..and came back on Thursday to add in the glass doors and flyscreens.

patio 2

We’ve already had our first party in it.


Matt’s 30th, on Saturday. We had 40 people here and most people brought a foody contribution. We ended up with a huge load of dessert and chips/dips left over. Not to mention the cake alone was enormous. Anyway, it was a good day and everyone shipped out by 7.30pm. The only problem with hosting a party like this is that you just don’t get to talk to even half the people you really wanted to. Lincoln was great during the day. I had him parked in the corner in his pram and he just sat there happily watching everyone and smiling. Fraser had playmates all day so he had a wonderful time too. Eating cake and running around all day I’m surprised he didn’t sleep in on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, Lincoln has picked up the cold that Matt and Fraser have had. He’s got a wicked cough and gooey eyes. This cold just seems to have gone around in circles amongst the male members of the household. I hope they’re all over it by the time we go on our holiday.

Lincoln is 5 months old this week so I’m taking him to be weighed at the clinic on Wednesday, after Fraser’s swimming lesson. I’m going to ask them if introducing solids might help with our nights. I’m feeding to a newborn schedule again and it’s driving me bonkers. However, I don’t really want to start solids before we go away. I’ll see what the clinic thinks. He’s still super-cute. Loves having a bath, loves Fraser – smiles at him all the time. Yesterday he was even laughing at Fraser while he was fooling around with eating his eggs at dinnertime. I just LOVE seeing the interaction even at this early stage. So, SO, cute. I can’t wait until they can “play” together and really enjoy each other’s company. At the stage all Lincoln can do is roll over onto his tummy, then grunt and whinge because he’s stuck there and can’t do what he wants to do. Somehow he moves himself around by his elbows and tummy – somewhere between breakdancing and caterpillar.
Bonjela has been soothing to him at times so I think there may be teeth rumbling around under the gums.

All exciting stuff.

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