Under construction

Finally the weather is warmer though the mornings can still be a bit nippy. I love this time of year when my lavender is blooming, the gaura is starting off, and random blossom trees are flowering by the side of the highways and country roads where people have chucked their apple cores and peach seeds.

The construction of our patio has begun. The slab gets poured on Tuesday and I guess the builders will be here the end of next week. Just about every weekend from now to Christmas has some event or other on. Not to mention our ten days in Fiji. The time is going by in a flash and before long, I will be back at work and Lincoln and Fraser will be starting their two days of daycare together.

There’s alot happening in Lincoln’s little world at the moment. he started rolling on Monday. I can’t put him down without coming back to find him having rolled over. His hands are constantly in his mouth. I bought him a highchair a few weeks ago. He sits in it most mornings when we have breakfast, and sometimes when we have lunch. he’s not quite up to persevering through dinner time though, so we’re still eating that at the coffee table in the loungeroom.
The night time shennanigans have continued but every couple of nights we get a good one so it’s not too hard to cope with the bad ones.


Here’s the herb garden I was speaking of in my last post.
There’s parsley, coriander, oregano, thyme, basil, chives, and along the front I have a dwarf nasturtium. Next garden project will be furnishing the patio with pot-plants and a potted lime tree. After that, I’ll clean up the lavender garden that’s been infested with barley grass and needs to be filled out a bit with some new plants.


I can’t believe that I missed my all-time favourite singer/musician Kristin Hersh on her tour of AU!! She only did a limited number of shows and I only found out a couple of days beforehand. If I’d pulled my finger out and followed up on it I would have found out that the Katoomba show was family friendly and I could have taken Lincoln! Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until after the fact and now I’m kicking myself. It was more than 10 years ago that I last saw her with the Throwing Muses in Sydney. I’m encouraged, however, by the news that her family have applied for NZ residency. Maybe I ill get to see her before another 10 years passes. Here’s hoping.


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