We’ve had a couple of little outings lately. Inspired by a quiet weekend at home, we took to the local environs. Here we are at Fitzroy Falls in the Southern Highlands. We did the shortest walk possible as we had the shopping pram with us rather than the all-terrain pram. Quite pleasant, nonetheless, and we finished it with a bakery lunch on the way home.


Lincoln is 4 weeks old today so he had his vaccinations on Thursday.
His weight has levelled out now at just under 7kg. And like clockwork we’re getting nighttime shennanigans – which is quite common at 4 months. The last two nights he has insisted on an 11pm feed and the woken again around 2.30-3am for another feed only to refuse to go back to sleep for about an hour or so. He wants to play, and when he sees that we’re not interested he cries about it. I can remember we went through this scenario with Fraser but I can’t recall how we handled it or how long it lasted. Belinda tells me miss Z did something similar for 2 weeks. Lord. We’ve had such a dream run I just don’t know how to handle it during the night when he mucks around. Sleep deprivation = bad mood until lunch time. Tonight I’m going to bed early!


My projects are going well. My herb garden is finished – must take a piccy of that; I’ve just about wrapped up Lincoln’s x-stitch – just have the lettering to do before I organise some framing; I’ve framed a bunch of my good B&W tafe photos – need to hang them; I’ve cleaned out some shelves in the kitchen linen cupboard and cleared out some boxes from the office from our move 2.5 years ago.


  1. I’ll put the statement about Linc being four weeks old down to the sleep deprivation.
    Hope he returns to the regularly scheduled programming shortly.

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