Not too much goss here lately. School holidays have started so there’s no swimming lessons for a few weeks; The days are starting too early with Fraser waking up before 6am. Come on daylight saving; I’ve got some of my project-mojo back. I’ve started Lincoln’s x-stitch, I’m fixing the old concrete laundry tubs/herb garden that got destroyed by the chooks, I’ve a list of to-dos to organise the linen and laundry cupboard storage, I did my tax!!, and I bought a pattern to make pyjama pants out of the bazillion flanelette wraps I have that are now too small to wrap a baby with.
I wonder if it’s because the weather is warmer that I’ve found the inspiration. Maybe I get a touch of the SADs over winter when it’s too cold to get off my lazy ass.

My gadget loving husband bought me a new mobile phone last weekend. This one has a camera. I’ve always thought ‘why have a phone that’s a camera? I have a camera!’. But today, it had a purpose! I forgot to take my camera to the indoor playcentre outing we had for playgroup. And yay for the phone-camera because Fraser went down the slide (with hand holders) for the first time!

He’s still too scared to go down by himself but this is great. He really got into it today and had a fun time. I think he was high on playcentre cordial tonight because he should have been extremely tired but was running off at the mouth all evening, and kept tooling around at bedtime. I hope I get one less Lincoln wakeup call tonight.

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