Cloth and other capers

I thought I’d start with a detailed post on my MCN (modern cloth nappy) habit. It does become a habit – always wanting to try new fabrics, prints, and styles. Yes, one cloth nappy can cost the same as 2 packets of Aldi disposables but it’s all about the environment, man. Well, that and the attractiveness of cloth and/or the covers. If you buy wisely the cost of nappying over 2 years (on average) will be about half the expenditure of buying disposable.

So.. my workhorse nappies are Tots Bots and Mandy Macs. Tots are just a shaped/fitted terry cotton available in 2 sizes, and the MMs are a one-size hemp nappy. The loopy terry pile of a Tots is great for the morning pooplosion. The MM are excellent value for money and absorb lots of wee without getting that soaking feeling. Both of these are fitted nappies which require a cover to stop clothes etc getting wet through the nappy. Covers can be fleece, wool, or PUL. Wool and fleece work well here at night while I use my PUL covers for daytime.
For going out and for long car trips I put Lincoln in an Itti Bitti AIO (all in one). Very trim, and the bamboo inserts are very absorbant. they come in lovely colours and have excellent resale value. Can’t go wrong with a few of those in your stash. These don’t require a cover as they already have a PUL outer sewn on.
I also have a few pockets – peapods and fuzzibunz. Peapods are another good value nappy. They can be stuffed with extra fabric – microfibre wipes, hemp prefolds, or even just cotton terry to get some extra absorbency when required.
I have one or two of a few other types that I’ve tried – Baby Beehinds, hemp and bamboo, Beaut Bots from ebay, Swaddlebees. But if I had to limit my choices to 2 then I would go Mandy Macs and Ittis all the way.
That’s for day time though. You can improvise Mandy Mac to cope at night but i prefer to have a few night nappies available on rotation. I use a Sandman, a Cute Tushies Bamboo Delight, and a homemade (by Bindy) night nappy, in rotation. I don’t do nappy changes at night anymore so they need to have some bulk to contain all the wee. Together with a wool or fleece cover that nappy will last the 12hours.
I have 2 buckets but really only use one at a time for now. I wash when one of them gets full – about every second day. I don’t soak, and everything gets line dried unless it’s raining.

There are so many different types of nappies out there it’s a good idea to try a few before buying in bulk.


Fraser has had a few playdates since my last post. Last weekend we had 2 of his daycare friends and their parents over for lunch. I was nervous about how it would go as I feel younger and less responsible as a parent than they seem. I’m not sure if that’s the right word but.. hopefully you know what I mean. Anyway, it went fine and the 3 boys had a great time together. We had a nice BBQ lunch and the post playdate chaos was contained to the kitchen and living room so it was easy to straighten up for our next guests.

As that lot left, the next lot arrived from Sydney. Doug and Sarah with their girls. Their youngest is only a few days older than Lincoln so we did some comparative analysis and took photos of the 2 babies together while Fraser and Elana had a nice quiet playtime for a few hours.

In Lincoln news – my one wakeup per night lasted about a week. We’re back to 2 again now. Fingers crossed that changes again soon as I enjoyed the extra sleep. It’s amazing how much he changes every day. He’s already in 0 Bonds wondersuits as of tonight.
He’s got a beautiful smile and he loves to sit on my lap talking and laughing with me. I painted his feet and got his 3 month footprints today. I’ll have to dig Fraser’s out for comparison.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about feeling younger and less responsible… for many years I wondered when I’d feel ‘grown up’ compared to other parents.

    I think I’ve finally made it, but in my case it does help knowing that I’m the Mum of a 15 year old. :)

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