Photographic hilarity

Exciting news is we’ve booked a holiday to Fiji!. Of course, that means the boys need passports. I tried taking Fraser’s photo last night. I told him not to smile, so he would frown instead. That made me laugh, which in turn, made him laugh. So it took a few attempts before I got one that I thought was satisfactory. Today I took my attempts at passport photos to the Photo shop in town and the lady said they both had their mouths open. (rolleyes)
How am I supposed to get a 3 month old baby to keep his mouth shut, head straight, eyes front?

In other news, I have had some success with dropping to one night feed. For 2 nights in a row I resettled at the 12/12.30am wakeup instead of feeding. Since then Lincoln is waking around 3am for a feed instead. It’s not every night but is looking promising.
Cloth nappying is also going very well. I was done with that on Fraser by 10 weeks but with the new modern cloth nappy fabrics on the market these days it’s so much better. They’re trimmer, more absorbant and better looking than the old terry squares and night nappies will last all night without a change. It’s also about now that we switched Fraser to fulltime formula. W00! Another milestone beaten.


  1. Fiji! Exciting. Lillian had her passport photo taken this week too. In the UK if they’re under 6 months they can have their head on an angle and eyes shut, but she was awake anyway. Good luck!

  2. Hey Aprill, what MCN’s are you using with Lincoln? I’m trying to decide what to try out so any recommendations will be enthusiastically received.

  3. The Master had his passport taken at 6months in prep for a London trip at 8months, and yep – same problem with the ‘mouth open’ thing. Because I had time to resubmit if I had to – I just said to the guy “Look. He’s 6months old. His mouth is always droopy, i’ll take my chances”

    And we passed no probs.
    You might have to try again with Fraser though …

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