on the go.

I’m certainly enjoying this warmer weather we’ve been having. I’ve been inspired out to the lavender garden to do some weeding and watering. It was neglected over winter, and pregnancy, so was overtaken. It’s also my mission to teach Fraser to swing himself on the swings and not need my pushing all the time. He has the knack now but refuses to assert independence with this activity.
The kitchen, on the other hand, is another matter. He’s been helping himself to pouring drinks of milk and doing alot of pretend cooking. So I’ve started getting him involved in easy cooking stuff – cheese and vegemite scrolls, mixing anything I need mixed, etc.

In the past week L has started laughing. Fraser tickles his tummy and off he goes. He’s also done some rolling from front to back during tummy time but that’s easy with huge cloth butt. At 12 weeks he now weighs 6.75kg so I should be getting him to drop another night feed. That could be interesting.. though I will try it tonight if I remember and not just reflexively feed.
Lincoln can hold toys now but isn’t much aware he has it, he’s also been chewing/sucking on his fists alot in the past few days.

The whirlwind week and a half with Matt away went by relatively well. While there was less physical workload (one less adult in the house is less cleaning and cooking), I was mentally exhausted by the last 2 days. Fraser’s constant chatter drove me barmy not to mention him testing me in the usual fashion. With matt not around I was less financially restrained – a Bonds spend at Big W, an Ikea romp, Target sale for Fraser – but I was more productive and got some sewing and organising finished.
I’m glad things are back to normal. I was a bit tired of the Sydney to-and-fro. The slack non-cooking-holiday is over and now the menu has returned to it’s former level of variety.

We did have a few highlights in all the madness. A return trip to Bowral hospital to visit a playgroup friend who’d had her third baby was one. She expected a son after having 2 other boys already but was delighted and very shocked to find she’d given birth to a much wanted daughter. My favourite midwife was on shift so I got Lincoln out for show and tell. Not that she could really remember us but she was impressed by his healthy appearance.

Speaking of playgroup.. we’d been invited to the local country primary school to have a look at the grounds as they’re keen for us to relocate our group to their facility. The kids were putting on a special assembly with performances and awards to the local members of parliament. It was pretty boring in all honesty but I’m sure if one of my kids was involved I would have been excited. It’s most likely the place the boys will go to primary school so it was good to have an opportunity to look around.

I also had a chance to catch up with friends at a mothers group afternoon tea and Miss Bindy. We had fun attaching snaps to Fraser’s homemade doona cover and playing with homemade cloth nappies.

These days I spend too much time on Facebook and Flickr. So I’m looking for good reference books on sewing. I’d like to get really good at that. It’s almost instant reward for effort and practical rather than ornamental. The exact opposite of my current task which is the cross stitch I bought to do for Lincoln’s room. It’s to replace the one over the change table with Fraser’s name on it! :o
Poor kid is deprived in comparison. ;)

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