Visual Spectacular

Today’s post is a veritable feast of visual delights.

Firstly, this little gem. Fraser decided to do some ‘tapping’ in my office heels the other day. I didn’t put him up to this. It was all his idea. Sorry about the sideways thing but I’m an idiot with the little digicam and keep forgetting that the video function doesn’t work the same way as the camera function.

I made my first Etsy purchase this week from one of my favourite sellers. Look at these little cuties.

Aunty Cookie paintings

One is going on the pantry door and the other is going on the laundry door. Something to brighten up the kitchen and give me a smile whenever I do boring things like washing! :p


Matt’s away for 10 days this week. Working in Sydney and Brisbane. So it’s just me and the boys. We’ll be going to Sydney for the next 2 weekends to do some visiting and break up the solo parenting gig a bit.
Anyway, that means I’m doing the daycare run for Fraser until Matt’s back. On the way in there this morning we drove past a wombat body on the road. Fraser asked what it was and not thinking anything of it I just said “a wombat”. He asked me if it was sleeping. I said “yes. It’s sleeping. Silly wombat, sleeping on the road.” Now I’m wondering if I should have explained with some sensitivity and honesty that the wombat was dead. I suppose death is so abstract that I got away with it. He uses words like ‘dead’ and ‘kill’ .. (What is it about boys that they already know these words at 3 years old? He goes spider hunting with a 4 year old buddy at playgroup where they regularly talk of killing spiders.) so perhaps he has some clue. Lucky for me, Mr Wombat had been taken away by the time we came home and it seems Fraser had forgotten about it.

During my outing today I made sure to take a photo of Lincoln wearing the same hat that Fraser used to wear. CHeck out this comparison photo of both the boys at 10 weeks old. Fraser at left.



  1. Oh my gosh – how cute is Fraser tapping! And I love the pics of both of them wearing the same hat. You can tell they’re brothers!

    As for talking about death, I don’t know what a good age is to start talking about it. I went to a friend’s funeral when Chickie was nearly 5 and he asked a lot of questions about it, so I think he really understands what it means. He’s mentioned a few times that he doesn’t want me to die (in a worried voice) and he keeps asking to see the little memorial card from the funeral. It’s obviously something he thinks about.

  2. Oh dear, you’ve totally got me addicted to Etsy now :)

    You can definitely tell Fraser and Lincoln are brothers – except Lincoln seems to be tap dancing less :)

    Congratulations on your new little boy, he is gorgeous :) (I know it’s late, I’m new here :))

  3. Your boys look so much alike !

    Love all your new pressies, and yes, Aunty Cookie is very talented, isn’t she ? :)

    P.S. – if you get the upgraded Quicktime, you can rotate camera vids ( as I always forget too ;)

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