Furniture *love*

Well I’ve been poking around the Taste website. (Thanks for those links.) I’m keen to make the mini filo quiches one night when Matt’s away. Sometimes I make Fraser and I a dinner of small foods/appetisers when it’s just the two of us.
I also found some mini meatloaves that you make in muffin tins. Got those on the menu for next week.

My new fad food is stuffed olives. Which is weird because an olive never touched my mouth until last year when I tried one of mum’s cheesy olive balls. Now I dig them. I keep a jar in the fridge and every now and then through the day I pick a few out. I need one of those pickle grabber thingos instead of trying to fish them out with the fork.

We’ve had a great weekend this week. Today I went to the movies to see a chick flick with a couple of friends. Left the boys at home. Matt managed fairly well. Lincoln had a bottle again quite well but he was a bit strung out and crying alot until Matt finally managed to get him to sleep for a nap. But still, not a bad effort so I made him a roast beef dinner in return. ;)

Yesterday we were wondering what to do with our spare day so headed up to Freedom furniture to browse the furniture and hopefully spend the gift voucher Mum and Dad gave us last Christmas. I went there with one piece of furniture in mind. I’d seen it in the Canberra store last year but it was $900-something and i wasn’t willing to go there. So it’s been on my mind ever since and with the Spring catalogue out now I thought it might be on sale. Only one store had it in stock, in the fabric I wanted – which has since been discontinued – and it was floor stock so was marked down to $739. With the gift voucher in play we paid almost half the original price for this gorgeous chair. The only piece of non-scavenged furniture in the formal loungeroom.


It’s a red, purple and cream stripe. Goes superbly with the flokarti rug I had dyed purple. Now I just need to find other appropriate furniture to complement it.

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