Appointments day

Thursday is errand day here and so today I lined up all Lincoln’s appointments. He had the immunisation appointment (wow..8 weeks already), the doctor’s appointment to get the referral for the paediatrician’s appointment, and the paediatrician’s appointment. Somewhere in there we did the shopping too.
The needles went much better than I expected. He cried but not that heartbreaking wailing that I recall so clearly from fraser’s 8 week jabs. I stuck him on the boob after and he went off to sleep. He’s been sleepy all afternoon as a result.

The paed appointment was a followup on the tongue tie that was spotted in hospital. We think it’s stretched a little as he can get his tongue a little past the gum line before it begins to look a bit forked. I’ve also noticed the last week or so there’s no more clicking noise during feeding. So we decided it wasn’t necessary to do anything about it. Oh yes, and we’ve made the next appointment for 2 months time when the next lot of needles happens.

Of course, the other big news is that Matt and i had our first outing sans children on the weekend. Mum and Dad came down for a visit with the offer of a stint of babysitting so we could go to the movies or whatever. We left mum with a supply of expressed milk and headed off to see The Simpsons Movie (don’t tell Fraser). The movie was a bit of an anti climax after all these years of anticipation but I do believe we missed alot of references. May need to see it again. We also had an early dinner at my favourite Goulburn restaurant before getting home at around 7.30pm. In time to give Lincoln a last feed before going to bed. A successful experiment.


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