I’m ready for the warmer weather.

fraser running  from seagulls

We’ve had a pretty big week since last Thursday. We were looking for something to do on Sunday and wound up meeting friends at Kiama for a picnic of takeaway hamburgers and Krispy Kremes. Beautiful weather on Sunday so Fraser got a good run around kicking the ball and chasing seagulls.

On Tuesday I took Lincoln up to the clinic to get him weighed. He’s put on 1kg in 3 weeks. Very impressive. In fact, when I was at an ABA playgroup yesterday someone asked if he was 3 months old! He’s much more awake this week. I can’t plonk him back down in the capsule after a feed and expect him to go to sleep again. He likes to look around or be held when we’re out and about.
Fraser’s swimming is going well. He was much more engaged with it yesterday though he gets distracted by the box of toys by the side of the pool. I can’t get over how much older Fraser seems lately. His conversation is much broader, he can have a full conversation on the phone. Even his appearance – his face seems longer somehow. Less of the round little boy face. He’s still coping quite well with Lincoln’s presence but when he’s upset that I can’t play with him his answer is to tell me not to feed Lincoln, even if that wasn’t why I couldn’t play with him. If that’s the worst I get then we’re doing OK.

I’m doing so much more washing with the extra little outfits and cloth nappies. The washing I can handle but I’m still adjusting to the amount of dirt we’re creating by us all being home almost every day. When Fraser and I were out of the house for 3 days a week there was so much less vacuuming required. Aah well. That’s domestic tedium for you. I need an IKEA trip. ;)

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  1. mmmmmMmm – Ikea ;)

    Lincoln sounds just like DS when he was a bub – makes it so much easier, doesn’t it ?

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