It’s supposed to get easier?

Lincoln is 6 weeks old today. The magic mark whereby everything gets easier. Well, quite honestly, I don’t know how it could get easier other than maybe dropping that midnight or 3am feed. He really is a dream baby. He’s obviously putting on weight – I’ll get him weighed next week and he’s sleeping well between feeds. We do get our arsenic hour between the late afternoon feed and the next feed but that’s my own fault as I don’t put him back to bed in that time. But really, he’s only cries during that time because he wants to hang out with one of us. He’s quite happy most of that time if we’re sitting there holding and chatting to him. Fair enough.
Developmentally, I’d say things are on track. Lincoln has more strength in his neck, he seems to cry tears a bit now, he sleeping one big stretch from 7pm -12’ish so dropping the feed in the middle there, and i think we’re this close to getting our first real smile.

We tested our first sleepover with both kids at Mum and Dad’s last weekend. It went quite well and it’s given me confidence for next time. We took the opportunity to gatecrash the Christening for one of our mother’s group friends. The usual clique was there so it was great to see them all and all our version 2’s. Of course, the version 1’s all had a ball playing with each other and eating cupcakes and jelly cups.

A round of applause for Fraser too! He had his first swimming lesson yesterday. I was expecting tears and refusals but he got right in the pool and a good time. There was some hesitation over a few tasks but overall it was really great. I’m so pleased, and proud of him. I hope after one or two terms of private lessons he’ll be ready for group lessons.

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