“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..”
Well who knew I’d be here several years later recalling high school poetry? This is what comes to mind when I recall my time in Melbourne in 1993. In fact, i’m recalling it alot lately. I’m not sure why but the thing that comes to mind most often is that I was offered a job my, then, dream employer and I knocked it back in favour of coming home to Sydney(!?!). I often wonder what different path my life may have taken if I’d accepted that job at Shock Records and stayed in Melbourne. It’s not that I regret the path I did take. Am I wondering if I missed something? And why am I wondering so much now? It’s not just hormonal as I was looking back on these times before Lincoln was born.
The fact is it was such a powerful time of late teenage rebellion, discovery, and independence I feel I squandered it. I didn’t make the most of my time there and maybe that’s what I regret.


  1. You lived in a part of town I like very much .. although maybe you moved to meet men .. I mean .. there’s a high-lesbian quota in Northcote/Clifton Hill ;)

    Ahh .. regrets …

    I squandered my youth too – but that’s for lack of funds and too much seriousness. Still, some of the people I hung out with haven’t moved at all, not an inch. Still no-to-low income and share-house living. Pass on that.

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