What a different experience

I was just reading over the post I did from when Fraser was 4 weeks old. Here we are with Lincoln at the same age and I’m in such a different place. Things have just been so easy this time. No nipple thrush, no constant crying, minimal sleep-refusal. Back then it was all about just coping with what happened each day rather than enjoying any part of it. Now I spend countless moments gazing at this little newborn face and loving the expressions that come over it. I find that I don’t get so stressed anymore on those occasions when Lincoln won’t go to sleep. I just hold him and rock him in the rocking chair or I carry him in the HUg-a-bub sling while I have breakfast or get something else done. This time will go by in a flash and before I know it I’ll have two boys at school and life will be totally different again.

Lincoln’s cold is almost gone. We did end up going to the GP after visiting the Early Childhood clinic for a weigh-in last Friday. In the two weeks between then and the visit from the nurse he had put on 510grams, and grown 2.5cm in length. I was so excited to hear that. I knew he was doing well but to have the proof in numbers that breastfeeding is working is just awesome. On the clinic’s urging I took Lincoln to the GP. She had a listen and determined that his cough was throaty rather than chesty so that was reassuring. I told her about the regular puking that Lincoln does and she suggested he might be a bit refluxy. He’s not in distress with it though. Quite the happy chucker but I’ve raised the head-end of the cot anyway.


  1. Sounds like two different babes – you got the tester first, and the kick-back baby later ;)

    Seeing I got the kick-back baby first, going back for 2nds seems a bit daunting … my own sister, the 2nd born was a NIGHTMARE baby, compared to my kick-back and my mother never went back for 3rds :D

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