Part and Parcel

Well the flood waters went down enough to make a crossing at the bridge to GOulburn. Matt did manage to get out, and return, late yesterday and I made my shopping trip today.
The Wollondilly river made the news reports yesterday and the Goulburn water supply now has enough to last 3 years. Seems that drought might be done with.

In other news, Lincoln is 3 weeks today! He looks great – chubby, sleeps well, settles pretty easily. However, he’s sporting a chesty cough that’s been through the household and it’s quite frightening to hear him trying to hack up whatever is lurking in there. Given that antibiotics are a no-no for newborns I’m not sure whether there’s much point in taking him to a GP. He’s still eating well, output still fine. So I guess I’ll just keep monitoring his breathing and making sure his ribs don’t start sticking out with each breath (= bronchiolitis, apparently. That’s bad enough for a trip to the emergency room.)

Breastfeeding is going spectacularly well and the feeding pattern has returned to roughly 3 hours instead of the two hourly intervals I was dealing with for a few days. Lincoln’s a quick feeder. We’re all wrapped up in around half an hour, including a nappy change. If he wasn’t coughing his lungs up for a while after each feed I would be getting some good chunks of sleep. Aah well. With Fraser I was worried about dehydration. WIth Lincoln, it’s snot. Part and parcel.

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