Well this is the view across the bridges out of here. Both under water this morning. Matt reckons the second one should be clear by this afternoon when he plans to drive out to Sydney. I hope it’s not wishful thinking on his part. I’d like to be able to go into town tomorrow, and Friday.

Thank god for cloth nappies and successful breastfeeding. Now I’m just praying there’s no medical emergencies – and no more rain for a while.


  1. fark thats a lot of water. as a kid i remember going and seeing towrang crossing completely under water, and the water just a few metres below the bridge going into goulburn from sydney.

    when you’re a kid this stuff is pretty awesome.. :-)

  2. Goodness – look at that !!

    Reminds me of High School, when the rains came, only us loser township kids had to go to school. The two feeder townships had to cross floodlands, and hence got to stay home. Bastids ! :)

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