Ups and Downs

I’d forgotten how hectic this newborn phase can be. Lincoln has “woken up” from his sleepiness and is now much more challenging to settle after feeding. Yesterday was a tough day. He didn’t have much of a decent sleep from 7am until 2pm! In the meantime I had Fraser following me everywhere and the TV on all day as a means to try and entertain him.
The weather hasn’t been helping. It’s been non-stop rain so we’ve been unable to even go to the mailbox.

There are positives though. We had our first day out last Thursday while Fraser was at daycare. I took Lincoln to do the shopping with me and a few other things. He had two 3 hour sleeps and we fed in the foodcourt quite successfully.
On Friday we had the Early Childhood nurse come visit from Goulburn. She was lovely and reported that Lincoln had put on 310g since leaving hospital. Excellent! That’s one stressor I don’t have this time around.
I need to make my post-natal appointment, and the paed appointment.


  1. Sorry to hear that Linc has woken up and realised he’d in a new scary place, I hope he settles down soon as the six week magic change seems so far away. Try the hugabub, seriously.

  2. I agree with Bindy, and I don’t believe you can begin any bad habits this early – just save your sanity as you anticipate the magical 6 weeks :)

    Use the sling!! Lots of cuddles and lots of holding is on the menu – make Matt take a lunch break when he’s working from home and play with Fraser for 30 mins to give you a break, it is overwhelming with 2 little ones whilst you’re adjusting to these unpredictable early weeks *sigh* don’t I know it.

    PS – We had a great time down there – he is a super duper cute little aeroplane :P You guys did good, roil good :)

  3. I’m all for slinging too, I don’t believe in babies and spoiling or bad habits either. I think Janey is right on the mark with getting Matt to take lunch breaks and play with Frase (and maybe even put a sandwich together for all the solid-food-eaters in the house too!). It’s amazing how little babies seem to get hungry the same time as their mummy!

    It sounds like you guys are really doing great, and I’m looking forward to meeting the new little guy :)

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