Lincoln’s Birth Story

I’m making this an expandable post so that you can choose to skip it. ;)

We arrived at the hospital a bit after 6am on Wednesday 6th for my induction.

Just before 7am the gel was applied and I was allocated a bed on the maternity ward to settle into while we waited. I did have pretty mild contractions which bending over onto chairs, benches, what-have-you, alleviated. At 1pm I was examined and my cervix was soft but no further dilated than I already had been at my last appointment. So the membranes were broken. Apparently quite a bit of fluid came out but it wasn’t a whole lot so we assumed we were in for a big baby.

Hospital policy meant that I wasn’t given another internal for 4 hours. So it was 5pm before we found that the membranes had resealed. They were ruptured again and an enormous amout of fluid gushed out. I was so embarassed. No idea why as it’s just another part of the deal, after all. Each time a contraction came, more fluid would gush out. It was then that the contractions got so much harder and concentrated in my lower back, just like Fraser. Another posterior labour. Looks like I’m just built that way. Slow to make them and slow to get them out. ;)

At 7pm I made noises for an epidural. The midwife on duty asked if I was interested in the gas..I wasn’t as it did nothing for me last time. Then she suggested pethidine. All I could think of was the possible breastfeeding dramas that people link to the use of pethidine during labour. But she said that with second and subsequent labours the peth can help you relax in between contractions enough to dilate the cervix. As I was still only 3cms we decided to give it a shot. (Oops. Pardon the pun.) It must have worked because when I called out for an epidural again at 9pm they did another internal at 10.30pm and found that I was 8-9cms. The OB asked me if I still wanted the epidural, I asked what he thought and he said it was up to me. I was under the impression that an epidural would be declined so close to full dilation? I decided to press on without it.

At this stage I was labouring on all-fours over beanbags but when it became evident that this posterior baby was not coming out unaided I had to roll over. The OB and another midwife prepared the hand operated vacuum pump but the first three attempts failed. Without an epidural, that sort of activity is extremely painful. The fourth go was successful and I pushed while the OB pulled. Matt did a sterling job telling me how close we were to having the head out and really keeping me focussed. I was impressed (still am!), considering how his impatience during the earlier stages was irritating.

At 12:17am Lincoln was finally born. 54cm long, 8pd 11oz (3930gm), Apgars 8/9. He’s the spitting image of Fraser at birth so we’re interested to see how his features will develop over the coming months.

The OB was impressed with my composure though I can’t recall exactly what he said. There was a bit of cussing but not too much. ;)
He also gave Matt the chance to discover and report the baby’s gender when I asked what it was.

12 stitches later, Mr Costello will be getting no more children from this family!


  1. Oh Aprill! You got another difficult one! You sound like you handled it so well though! I’m looking forward to meeting the little Lincoln :)

  2. yay.. another gemini in the world, he’ll be a brilliant person, with elements of genious..! (like his mum and dad)
    Hope you are relaxing/recovering well and the weather hasn’t hampered you.
    We’ve had a leaky roof..noooooooo!!!!
    love from the bassetti’s and the coll..

  3. This sounds like my birth – and there’s no way I would go for another without the epi !!

    The ( TMI ) tearing and forceps extraction of the first kid, and subsequent stitching and about 18mo of ‘healing’ made me glad I had a nice big needle stucxk in my back while all this was going on at the other end ;)

    Congrats again. I think he looks like Fraser too – a real cutie ! :)

  4. Oh yes of course another gemini – to go with me, Shan, and (I think) Boo (but he might be on the cusp)

    Gemini’s Rock! You’re never alone when you’re a gemini- there’s lots of people constantly inside your head!


  5. We are very proud of you Aprill, what a woman!!!!

    Well done to Matt also.

    Thank you for another gorgeous grandson. We love you.

    xxx Mum and Dad

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