Eviction notice

Mum has been here since Sunday. Apart from the cleaning she’s been doing for us (w00p!) she’s encouraged me to get off my butt and get my crafty bits finished.
I made a pair of newborn fleece tracksuit pants.

Flongies front
Flongies back

Mum finished the corners on the fitted sheet I started for the baby hammock and I’ve nearly finished my knitted soaker.

Yesterday we went to the Ob for our last appointment. He did an internal (delightful). I’m 1-2cms dilated (being #2 I wasn’t surprised, this is quite normal) and he could feel the membranes. He didn’t poke around much more as he was worried about accidentally rupturing the membranes. We made a date for induction if things don’t go off before then but the Ob is pretty sure it will. I was hoping the internal might kick things off overnight but not so far.

So now it’s down to more waiting.


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