Waiting Game

I’m doing a fair bit of sitting around, in between things I cna be bothered doing, and playing with Fraser.
There’s a hell of a lot I can’t be bothered doing. I’m ensconced in CBF mode. I haven’t vaccuumed for a while but I have done the odd room here and there. I haven’t done a proper mop of the wood floors for a few weeks, just spot cleaning. But I’m now seeing the hair and dust buildup on the skirting boards. We seem to shed alot of hair in this house. And for some reason there’s a collection of, what appears to be chest hair, along the edges of the living room hallway. At least, I hope that’s what it is. I better get off my azz and do a big vaccuum while I can. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

I’m done with my freezer cooking for now. Had enough of that. However, I do like cooking more interesting things for dinner now that I’m home every day to do it. I find that I’m using up more stuff that’s been sitting in the freezer or pantry. I’m being more economical.

I went to an ABA class last night. I really enjoyed it and I hope to line up more occasions where I can meet up with these women. Interestingly, I found that I knew 95% of what was said and even prompted other information from them that they hadn’t offered but I knew would be important for the first time mothers there to know. There’s alot to be said for anecdotal evidence and the internet. The last three years has given me plenty of time to absorb all this new and important information from different sources that I didn’t have when I battled breastfeeding with Fraser. While I did learn a few useful pieces of new information last night the biggest thing was how much more confident I feel.

I’m still apprehensive about not getting it right but I won’t allow myself to be taken in by Pharmacy panic merchants. I’ve got the power now to stop the cascade of errors that beat me last time.

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