Today is 36weeks! :o
How did it go so fast?
I’ve been ticking things off my to-do list. I’ve done the cutting up and sewing of towelling wipes, Made a start on the hammock sheet, and I’ve finally got off my lazy butt and setup the camera and tripod for pics of Fraser and my big belly.


This is my last week of work, finishing up on Thursday. I’m a bit excited about that but wondering how I’m going to fill in the time occupying Fraser in the interim.

I have some grand plans of getting my hair cut, going to the movies, and whatever else I can think of for the week after I finish work and Fraser still has his three days at daycare. I hope Zoid’ doesn’t come before I’ve had my little holiday but anytime after that would be just fine. ;)

I’ve had two of the girls from playgroup tell me they think Zoid’ is a girl, and Michael our neighbour predicts a girl. Apparently he’s had 99% success with these predictions, so we’ll see soon enough. When we’ve asked Fraser what he thinks we should call the baby if it’s a girl, he’s said ‘girl’, ‘boy’, ‘chooky’. I don’t think we’ll go with any of those.


  1. Hey Aprill!!! You are too funny!!! What’s wrong with ‘chooky’? I agree with Fraser, and think t’s a lovely name!! I guess you could always keep ‘zoid, though. That sounds pretty, too!!!

    Here I am, on graves, reading your blog, cackling away! Thanks heaps for the giggles, girl! I love your latest photo with Fraser, and hope all are doing excessively well!

    Much love from Sydney,

  2. Hmmm – 3rd try with this comment ( ?! )

    Oh my God, that photograph is just too precious ( and I love your outfit ! – yummy mummy ! )

    Good vibes from me to you – you’re in for a dream run home now and your little family :)

  3. ok – I left off a ‘x’ on the end this time.

    I guess ‘x’s are a ‘bad-person-alert’ tag ;)

  4. I’ve thought zoid’s a girl for a while. I have a whole bunch of teeny girl clothes ready to lend to you, current season!

  5. What a gorgeous photo!

    I’m thinking zoid is a girl too. Though I should point out, I have only ever been right once – so it’s probably a boy :)

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