Anzac Day

I picked up my fancy new Birthday Ugg Boots on tuesday.

New Ugg boots

They’re a dark pink – as close to red as I could get. I’m having a thing for red at the moment. Anyway, they are very cozy.
Tuesday being the day before Anzac Day, the kids in Fraser’s daycare class made Anzac biscuits. When we got home that evening Matt asked Fraser if he knew what Anzac day was about. He said biscuits! Fair point from a 3 year old, I thought.

We had a very productive Anzac day in this household. Matt and I have hit upon a new system. We both get independent blocks of time through the day where we can get something done while the other plays with/entertains/amuses Fraser. As long as we don’t have other out-and-about plans for the day, that is. This new way of doing this is working out well so far. I got so much more done than I otherwise would have due to Fraser preferring to play with one of us than on his own. So I did some washing, threw out loads of old Avon paperwork, did the Piggy Bank work I had to do, and cooked up batches of soup for the freezer.


Spinach & Garlic soup and Chunky Tomato, Chilli, & Bacon soup. So I have about 9 individual serves of soup in the freezer now. I also have some serves of lasagne that just need reheating, and an Apricot CHicken with rice. I plan to make some small quiches as well so that we’ll be pretty well stocked for quick meals when Zoid’ comes. I’m so much more organised this time. Possibly because I know what I’m in for, but I think it’s because we have a much bigger freezer. ;)

Tonight I have a playgroup mums dinner out. I’m looking forward to it as the last one I went to was when I was only a Little Bit Pregnant and didn’t know yet.


  1. Yumba – you’re such a good girl .. but then, you’ve got ( will have ) 2 babies now, and no-one needs worry about the men ! If they eat badly, so-be-it !

    But the babes, the babes ! :)

    I’d be the same, but with no babies I was like ‘pfft’ ! Mister B is capable enough to make baked beans on toast, or drive thru a Maccas ;)

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