A game of 3 halves

Borrowing from a commercial there.. terrible, Muriel.

It’s the year of 3s in our house this year. Fraser turned 3, Matt turns 30 in November and I turned 33 today. Let’s not talk of that again. ;)

I wasn’t sure how today would go as Fraser was a bit sick yesterday with a temperature and we came home early from work and daycare. He refused to take any Nurofen last night so we stripped him off and put him in our bed with me. He slept all night and this morning woke up saying “hey! where’s my clothes?!”. The temp must have done it’s job as he was much happier today. SO back to work and daycare we went. Matt had some flowers delivered to me at work, the Piggy Bank sent me a $50 Coles/Myer voucher in a signed card from the CEO (nice touch!), and my team arranged a cake for afternoon tea. Mum and Dad helped me buy a new pair of Ugg boots. I’ve only just killed my pair of uggboots that Mum originally bought me about 15 years ago! I’m looking forward to getting my new pair of red Uggs. w00p!
So I’m feeling pretty special even though I embargoed any parties. :D


  1. Happy Birthday Aprill –
    Interesting about the ‘3 x 3’s .. I like stuff like that, I think it’s a bit special and that ;)

    As for being 33 … well, you’re making me feel VERY old ;)


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