Twinkle Twinkle

First of all check out this video. Apologies for the smear at the base of the clip. There was a dirty big fingermark on the lens that I didn’t pick up until editing. Nonetheless, you cannot deny this cuteness.

Yes, we had the other Allens and kids down for the weekend. As usual Fraser and Savvy had a wonderful, noisy time together. Matt took them for a ride on the quadbike down to the animals. They saw the sheep, cows and alpacas (or packets, as Fraser says).
ON Sunday afternoon we all managed to have nana-naps. All of us! The planets must have all lined up to allow that to happen.
Lily slept wonderfully in our baby hammock. It was great to give that another trial run before Zoidberg gets in it.

Speaking of Zoidberg, I went in for that 32w scan yesterday. The placenta is well out of the way so no problems there, and the baby is measuring right on the 50th centile for size and weight. My enormous girth is apparently caused by a whole lot of extra fluid. Not enough to be of a concern but Zoid’ has lots of room to swim around. I imagine it must be quite delightful. It must be traumatic to be expelled through a narrow space into the newness of gravity.
At least it’s unlikely I’ll be induced but I’ll find out on Monday at my next OB appointment.

Fraser is quite concerned about my belly button. He’s convinced it’s sore. I’ve explained it’s not sore, just stretched. So stretched that it’s almost flat and it seems I was nourished and birthed in an alien lab environment.

Happy Birthday to me for tomorrow – w00p!

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  1. This baby must be a lovely present to you :)

    Fraser is adorable. He’ll be a fantastic big bro’ !

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