Tasty break

Hope you all had a relaxing Easter weekend. I sure did. It rained at Port Stephens on and off but I’m always a fan of rain no matter the season so I was happy. Mum and Dad were happy to play with Fraser during his many games of golf ..where can I buy left-handed kid-size golf clubs?.., Thomas the Tank Engine snap, walks, chasing seagulls, going to the park. It was delightful watching him run around barefoot on the lovely lush green lawn.


I had some opportunities for nana-naps which was a good compromise for being up at the crack of dawn every morning at the behest of my hips. I just could not get comfortable past 5am.

On Sunday morning we went to the local patting farm place. It looks run down and perhaps even closed from the signage at the roadside but once you get down to the entrance and walk through the doors it’s actually quite impressive. We were there in time for 11am feeding where the kids all got a chance to give the baby animals a bottle, and you could buy bags of animal-generic food for $1 to handfeed whatever you came across. Ducks, geese, pigs, goats, sheep, horses, cows, buffalo, kangaroos, donkeys, emus and ostriches. There were so many more animals there I coudn’t possibly list them all.

Feeding Sheep

Feeding Goats

We got home afterwards to have a buffet lunch, with prawns mmm, with the neighbour and Great Grandma Molly. We were quite dignified with our chocolate intake and even managed to pace Fraser. i believe he may have even forgotten he still has easter eggs left. Perhaps more for us later. ;)

Our return trip back home on monday was traffic-free. We were home by 2.30pm with a lunch stop at Chili’s in Campbelltown. Love those skillet fries.

I have a full week of work this week (not counting Easter monday) due to a colleague beign away. Fraser has an extra day at daycare tomorrow. So it’s all systems go for us.

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  1. aww he’s a cutie :)

    My son’s forgotten he has easter eggs left too. Two days of continual obsessing and then nothing. I guess it helps that they’re in the drinks fridge where he hardly ever looks.

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