A rare quiet but busy weekend

Check out this toadstool! It’s past it’s prime in this photo but still quite impressive. My hand is there for scale. It’s about 20 metres up from our driveway entrance along the road.


I stopped to take that on the way up to Mittagong on Friday. We went up to see the Playschool concert. We got ripped off on the celebrities but at $10 a ticket I think I can live with it. We had George and Angela. They’re old-timers in Playschool land and I’m sure Fraser was wondering who the hell they were.


Fraser seemed to have a good time though. He just stands and stares at it though. No singing along, no dancing or clapping. Quite odd. He did the same thing at the Dorothy/Wiggles show last year and I assumed it was because he was unwell. I think he’s just fascinated with the live aspect of it, as opposed to TV. We met up with most of our playgroup there.

I called into Bowral HOspital on our way back and enquired about transferring to Private after delivery. Unfortunately, turns out I can’t do that unless I change OBs. Can’t be bothered with that so I’ll just carry on with the public. It’s not exactly a busy hospital so I might be lucky and wind up with a room to myself anyway.

Saturday morning Matt and Fraser left for Forbes. They went away to go to a family shindig – an 80th birthday party. I’m not up to travelling long distances and being the end of the month I had an opportunity to make some extra money at work. So aside from a few short hours at work on Saturday I had the place to myself. I cleaned up, did some washing, watched The Lake House, and of course, the West Wing. I also put up this shelf above the TV. Fills the space in quite nicely.

TV shelf

On Sunday I drove up to Sydney to meet the lovely Zara. I took a bag of previously banned foods (soft cheeses, smoked salmon etc) and had a cuddle. Everyone well and happy which is great news.
I got home just after Matt and Fraser. Apparently Fraser had a great time playing with the other kids at the party and was a good boy the whole time. I’m used to Matt being away every now and then but it was weird being here without Fraser too. I loved it, but I missed my little buddy. I had to do things and keep busy. Sitting around in front of the idiot box just seemed a waste, even though I used to spend every spare minute doing exactly that, before kids.
Anyway, it was very liberating getting out of bed when I was ready and not having to do the 6.30am breakfast routine. :D


  1. Wow, what a busy post – all the stuff I normally like to do ( tweaking spaces, farting around ;).

    That toodstool is *bletch!*

    I hate all the rules and reg’s in hospital .. because I had a PRIVATE Obs, in a PUBLIC hospital .. no nurse was allowed to check me below, or give me pain meds etc … only my Dr, who was miles away assisting another birth and not answering his phone. I begged them to let me sign a waiver. It was very weird and not much fun, as you can imagine…

    I would miss my little buddy too – we do everything together :)

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