Maybe? 10 weeks.. and counting

Rolling over in bed is like the Special Olympics. I pulled a pelvic muscle or something during one of my events last night. It hurts my right hip if I turn to the left for too long. I will need to reorganise my laptop/chair arrangement.
I sit side-saddle at the table when I eat. It feels like I’m so far away from the bench when preparing food that my arms will soon be too short. Aah well. There’s 10 weeks to go now and I’m getting more and more excited by the day.
I’m sure I was still in denial at this point with Fraser and just basically petrified.


Well I just got back from the GP and she concurs with the OB that fundal height is 3-4 weeks ahead of dates. I’m 70.5kg so not much actual weightgain. She’s certain I won’t make it to 40weeks and is strongly suggesting I revise my finish date at work. I had intended 17th May but haven’t yet put my notice in. I reckon I get more rest at work than at home with a toddler so I’m inclined to just stay at work. Maybe I’ll wind it back to the 10th May instead. I’ve got a few more days to think about it before I’m required to give notice.

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  1. Any chance of giving up work but leaving Fraser at daycare? His routine wouldn’t be interrupted and you might get some rest….. BTW I want photos of your place looking all green, if you can get the chance…..

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