Who needs the Easter Show?

We spent a couple of hours this morning at the Goulburn Show. It’s a mini version of the Easter Show. Showbags, animals, rides, competitive fruit cakes, all the usual suspects.
I was impressed! We were expecting lame so we were pleasantly surprised.
Fraser had a pony ride on Alby.

Pony Ride

We thought he’d be scared because he’s not the most adventurous kid. Doesn’t like the big slides at playcentres etc. But he loved it! He did a few laps before he’d had enough.

We checked out the pavillion that had all the demo type stands. Avon, Tupperware, Enjo. I re-introduced myself to the Avon district manager as I’m still a rep and she gave me some samples and what-not. I got an Enjo spiel and picked up the new tupperware catalogue.

We moved along and watched the Crocodile show, chatted to a couple of Fraser’s daycare buddies and parents, saw the Snake show.. ran into some other people we know, saw the patting farm with the baby ducks, chooks, black sheep.. ran into some more daycare pals and parents so chatted for a while. And finished off with the wood chopping.

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