The Undecided

I’ve stolen this post title from a recent episode of The West Wing.

It’s state election day in NSW today. I’ve never been staunchly anything. I make my mind up in the lead-up. Our electorate has been held by a Labor MP who’s campaigning again. The Liberal candidate is Pru Goward, the former Sex Discrimination Commissioner. There’s a couple of other minor party runners and an independent.
Initially I considered Pru Goward and how it could only be a good thing to have the former SDC in the state government. After all, I’d never heard of the Labor guy, Rob Parker, besides a few signs. He certainly hasn’t been publicising any baby-kissing events. Then I was swung by the MOrris Iemma advertorial on the ABC 2 weeks ago. Taken in by the scare tactics of Peter Debnam following on with Howard’s IR laws. I swung back to Liberal again when I revisited my usual polling tactic of ‘voting for the other side’. The grass is always greener, they say.
In the end I settled on the independent, Paul Stevenson. He’s well known in the district, having recently stood down from the local government Mayoral position in order to run for STate. I’ve decided he’s bound to be up with the issues that matter to the district. I’ve had something stick in my mind, though I can’t remember where from..’vote in the best person for the electorate, not the party’.
I’ve decided.

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