Reporting in

I had my 28w Ob appointment at the hospital this morning. I’m 68kg so haven’t put too much weight on, BP is consistently on the low-end so not concerned about that. He said I was right to think I’m big. I’m measuring 32w!! At my next scan to check my low-lying placenta, I’m to enquire about the fetal size. IF I am indeed on track to having 9-10lb’er I may well be up for an induction at, or before, my due date.
Perhaps my ute is just ahead of the race given it’s been there, done that and I’m strongly hoping that’s the case. I’m not keen on the idea of induction at all as I’ve heard just how much more painful they are. I guess the silver lining to that cloud is that the gamble would be taken out of the long trip to hospital equation.

Fraser was such a good boy at the appointment. I just had to mention, as I am so proud. He sat on the other chair quietly eating his tiny teddies and sultanas. When he did speak, he whispered. Even the doctor remarked.

Due to my distracted frame of mind I forgot to go and book in the private hospital accommodation for post-delivery. Gah! I’m heading up that way again Friday week so will book in then. Must write a big note ON MY HAND!!!

GP in 2 weeks, scan in 4 weeks, and back to the Ob on the 23rd April.


  1. You know, even when I wrote stuff on my hand I still forgot them occasionally.

    28 weeks already? You’d be due at the same time as a (real life) friend here. Is the due date early June? June is a good month :) Chickie’s birthday is the 1st of June.

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