The Lobbyist

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve just sent in my submission for local council’s budget plan.
What for, you ask?

A playground in walking distance!

The owners of the big estate down the road built some tennis courts last year and ‘gave’ the empty bit of land next to them to Council. So there’s a lovely little bit of flat, empty land begging for community application.

Given we’ve had a baby boom in the area – Zoidberg arriving in June, Harrison last December, two new families with 2 toddlers each, and some people I know from mothers group have 4 under 4! I think we’re deserving of a local playground that we can walk to (30mins from our place), or at least a quick drive. Currently, we have to drive 20mins to Marulan or 25mins to Goulburn for a playground.

In my submission I suggested some shade be provided along with a park bench and perhaps even a picnic table. Along with the usual playground suspect like slides, swings, climbing gear and soft-fall. Families could go down for a day of tennis and the kids can play on the equipment.

I truly hope it goes through. I know we have a swing set and plenty of our own outdoors but it would be awesome to be able go somewhere closer for a little excursion.

Fingers crossed, and I’ll let you know what comes of it.


  1. Well done, Yep, sounds perfectly reasonable and really, couldn’t be that much $ to spend. Encouraging families to use local facilities, and to be active. Word of mouth. More “happy” families could possibly mean more prospective family buyers in the area. Yay to parks. We have been visiting our local parks often too as our backyard is experiencing “spider autumn”.
    Thumbs up, I say.


  2. Good Idea !

    Not only that, but ‘prospectives’ looking at your area will be more tempted to buy in and stay if stuff is already plodding along for them. Good for the local economy, and more built-in pals to play with.

    Plus, the park is so *social*. I talk to all manner of people I never seem to catch again .. but the half-hour chat while pushing a swing seems to be good for all ;)

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