Booby mail

I subscribed to the ABA a week or so ago. I had such a crappy time of breastfeeding last time that I want to try everything I can before I turn mental if it doesn’t work out this time either. They sent me their paraphernalia, and the book ‘Breastfeeding..Naturally’. Some light reading in order. My plan is to attend a couple of meetings in advance so that I can talk out all the issues I had with my first attempt.
I’ve retained some guilt complex about switching to formula with Fraser and I get immediately defensive whenever anyone even brings up the topic. I totally know that only I can control my own guilt. However, if I can talk it out with a lactation guru it might help to resolve it before we hit the troublespots next time around.

I’ve had some problems with lower back pain. I assume it’s due to my abdominal muscles not being what they were the first time. Of course, I should have done some excercises to avoid this. Pity it only occurred to me now. I find if I hold my stomach up with my hands as I walk it helps to ease the lower back pain. Not a good look out and about though. I may enquire at my next appointment about some sort of physio bandage or similar.


  1. I’m so pleased that you joined!!! I wanted to suggest it but didn’t want you to feel like I was hassling you, or bring up any leftover issues from the tough time you had with Fraser. Congratulations!

  2. What about those belly-belts I see advertised ?

    I too am good at ‘only if I shouldas’. And I never learn ;)

    As for the formula guilt – ‘pfft’ – whatever. I have met so many women now with cessy and natural births and boobs and bottles. Seems everyone has a story of being told they were/are wrong. Funny … none of the kids seem any different for the experience.

    But I do hope you have a better time with b/f. One of my MG mums couldn’t do it the first time ( and she was the only one in the group, poor thing ! ), but the 2nd suckled like a trooper. She couldn’t believe how different it all was for her….

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