We tripped up to SYdney yesterday. Matt and Fraser went to an indoor playcentre for another one of the mother’s group 3yo parties. He had a great time by all accounts and was extremely sweaty when I caught up with them afterwards. He had playing with another little boy, Hamish, for a while when Matt gave the word they were leaving. Hamish says “aww, I’ll go find another friend.” Heh.

In the meantime I was at Miss B’s babyshower. She’s looking very well and happy to be up and about after such a long time on bedrest. We had high tea at the Swissotel in the CBD. Very posh. Lots of small foods, and champagne.

high tea

I went back several times for strawberry and marshmallow skewers – held under the chocolate fountain, of course.

choc skewers

Spectacular! I totally need to hire one of those gadgets for a party one year. Maybe a big shindig for 35yo. ;)

Today we went South to Canberra. Picked up our lovely new La-Z-boy recliner. It’s awesomely comfortable. This picture doesn’t really do it justice. I’ll try again in daylight after I clean up tomorrow.

red chair

..and we did end up having some extra rain this morning but not a whole lot. I can see lightening flickering away in the distance so maybe something more is to come.

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  1. I am sure we will enjoy sitting on the awesomely comfortable new chair and the awesomely comfortable lounge later this month as we insist on the children playing together so we can sit on our butts and do a big-fat-nothing, while the men lock themselves in the computer room and do an even bigger fat nothing

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