Back in the Swing

I’m a slacko aren’t I? We left more than a week ago and I’ve not yet updated.

Fraser did well at Mum and Dad’s. He had a great time playing hide and seek, golf, going to the park, going for a ride on the bus. He slept through every night until 6.30am! I think Mum and Dad had just as good a time though I’m sure it must have been tiring.

Coffs was very relaxing. We did lots of reading, eating, socialising, a bit of swimming..oh, and napping. :D
I was surprised to find myself missing Fraser enough come Sunday that I was ready to come home. I thought I was one of these parents desperate for any time away. However, it seems 3 days away is plenty.

Here we are out near the resort chapel after Sunday’s wedding.

Us at Coffs

The wedding had a frangipani theme. They were scattered down the aisle, they were on the men’s buttonholes, and in the bouquets. And of course, there was the cake to match.

Frangipani cake

Even though I had a bit of homesickness (as always), I do think it was well worth it purely for the relaxation time.

We returned to the news that it had been raining around home most of the time we were away. One of our neighbours said they even considered calling and asking us not to come home yet! However, they needn’t have worried – we’ve had more rain since we got back. The place is greener than I’ve ever seen it and the back dam that’s only ever been half-full is completely full.

On Tuesday night we had 90mm of rain in 1 hour including 2 passes of hail. Had another 20-odd mms Wednesday. More rain forecast for tomorrow! w00p!


  1. Are we going to get photos of the green-ness and the full dam??? Given global climate change you don’t know what is coming so better take photos now!

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