Party time

It’s that time of the month. Lot’s of parties! Last weekend we trekked to Sydney again for another overnighter. We received some party invitations for some of the kids in our mother’s group. Conveniently, 2 were on the weekend – one Saturday, one Sunday.

Saturday’s party had a spaceship jumping castle!

Jumping Castle

..and other party treats.


Sunday’s party was in a small park in Erskineville. Play equipment, fairy bread, cupcakes..and bubbly for the parents. w00p! Here’s the party girl with her fairy wings on.


Back to normal again for the working week. I asked Fraser’s daycare teacher not to let him have a nap as I’ve been finding he wakes before 6am if he does. However, he fell asleep in the car on the way home and would hardly eat any dinner. So I think I’ll reinstate the daycare naps. Which kind of makes sense as he gets so much more stimulation and activity there and obviously really needs it. On Wednesday they did some woodwork! Just hammering bits of wood together. I’d say this looks like an airplane.


Thursday I had an appointment with the GP. An introduction really, as I’ve transferred doctors within the clinic. Did the usual measurements – BP, weight, heartbeat. All good.

We have a rare quiet weekend this week. No plans other than groceries.


  1. Cute plane :)

    My little one is enormously proud of the ‘plane’ he and his dad made out of hammering bits of wood together.

    He loves getting out in the shed with his dad or his granddad and ‘working’. His granddad even lets him saw bits of wood (with a real saw). I know he’s always closely supervised but that part freaks me out quite a bit.

  2. I was thinking of hiring a bouncy castle for an upcoming b’day, but they are so exxy !!

    This pic looks so good though, I may have to reconsider …

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