Happy 3rd Birthday!!

It’s been a big and exciting week. Last weekend of course, we went to Ikea and picked up lots of bits and pieces as well as bookshelves for Fraser, and the office. On Monday afternoon I constructed the office one, and over the next couple of evenings I installed it and constructed Fraser’s. They both look great. Matt was in Brisbane and thanks to my nesting bug I had all this and more to occupy me all week.

The remaining plants in the patch are doing well. Some cherry tomatos, and parsley.



I finally got a pic of the belly. This is circa 22 weeks and unfortunately, taken by me, so it’s not the best angle in the world.


And lastly, it’s Fraser’s 3rd birthday today!! We had his grandma and grandpa down for Sat/Sun and went to Canberra to have cake with cousin Harrison and meet his new brother Mackenzie.

cake at canberra

and Nanny and Poppy came down Sun/Mon for cake here at home.

cake at home

Fraser’s been playing today with all his new toys – Mr potatohead playdough, puzzles, colouring in books, Little People Garage, and Thomas bits and pieces.
He’s officially daytime toilet trained – but that’s a present for me. ;)

I banned housework for today, except for the washing, so I’ve been playing playdough and cars all day too.


  1. Dear Fraser,
    Happy 3rd Birthday special man. We love you lots and hope you had a great day. WOw, you’re so grown up now. All ready to help Mummy & Daddy take care of your new sibling :)
    Aunty Jane, Unky Shan, Savanna & Baby Lils

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