Happy Australia Day

Well I’m sitting here sipping on a Virgin Mary whilst I wait for our dinner engagement down the road.

Fraser’s toilet training is going spectacularly well. He had dry days all week at daycare, and today even with a visit to the local cafe and Oz Day celebrations. I bought him 2 weeks worth of Wiggles undies from ebay. He’s pretty well stocked up.
We had our first gutter-wee on Thursday afternoon though. I’d just picked up a Charcoal chook from the shop and we were about to reverse out when Fraser said “wee coming!”. So I got him back out of the car and faced him towards the car. I stood behind and tried my best to shield him and keep his pants out of the way. Quite amusing. Glad noone busted us.

My organising bender is also very satisfying. The wardrobe in the baby’s room is all sorted out with old baby clothes in tubs; Fraser’s old size 2’s are packed away in a tub in his wardrobe; and I’ve packed my winter clothes away, the hats in another tub, and bags in another. Oh, and of course the clothes I can’t wear until this kid gets out have also been packed away. What will i move onto next? We have an Ikea trip planned for Sunday. Book cases, book cases, book cases. w00p!

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